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What Every Homebuyer Should Know

What are House Entry Door Choices you Have


HomeBuyersDigest-Main Choices for Choosing Your House Entry DoorSince there many types of entry doors, including various trends and styles, choosing the right one is very important to make sure your home looks stylish, modern and classy. You might get lucky and get the perfect door when you purchase your home but chances are this will not be THE door you’ve been dreaming about.

If you’re planning on making a great first impression on everyone who comes to visit you, then you may want to consider replacing your front door (which honestly looks like an old cereal box) with a new one as soon as possible. While you may think that doing so is expensive, it’s actually not. There are many types of doors out there you can consider and each of them have a different style, design, finish and are made using a certain kind of material. As a result, no matter your budget, if you know where to look, you’re certainly going to find one that perfectly suits your needs.

Entry door prices can be insane

In terms of price, entry doors can cost as little as one hundred and fifty dollars for regular 6-panel steel doors and up to thirty five hundred dollars for solid wood doors featuring art glass windows. For installing a basic door though, you should not forget about the installation costs which are about three hundred dollars. However, if you want to go for made to order doors that feature unusual sizes, custom craftsmanship and rounded tops, the cost can be as high as ten thousand dollars.

It’s a given that when you add a new entry door to your home, it’s certainly going to add more value to the property. For instance, a new steel entry door brings returns of 130% for the installed cost, which is definitely good news is you plan on selling your home.

Steel House entry doors

Being available for a relatively low cost, a steel entry door combines stability and strength and it also offers great weather resistance and security. However, solid wood doors and fiberglass doors are solid choices as well.

Even though you’ll find the word steel incorporated in the name, steel doors aren’t basically made of solid metal. Their core is made from polyurethane with a sixteen to twenty four gauge steel skin. The material used for the core is a great insulator, so that’s going to save you a lot of money on your energy bill.

In terms of paint, these doors come either with factory applied paint or primed. In some cases, they can also feature a vinyl coating that looks like wood grain. However, on the downside, steel doors are prone to dings and dents, but also rust and scratches.

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Copper, bronze and aluminum clad doors

If you’re all for a special architectural accent and durability, then wood doors clad in bronze, copper and aluminum are what you’re looking for. These types of doors feature factory applied, but also tough finishes that make them look stylish, but also increase their durability. For instance, aluminum clad doors have factory applied finishes and come with a standard warranty of at least ten years. They are also weather resistant and look simply amazing.

Bronze and copper clad doors on the other hand feature finishes that constantly change due to oxidation which can easily hide scratches. In terms of cost, they’re about 40% cheaper than all wood doors.

Inexpensive and forever lasting

For a cheaper option, you should know that fiberglass doors are a good choice and they sit, in terms of cost, between wood and steel doors. However, they’re better than these 2 in terms of maintenance and toughness. Their core is covered with a single layer of fiberglass that’s impervious to insects, rot and moisture and they’re also have a high energy efficiency.

Take a look at the fiberglass doors from a leading door and window manufacturer Pella –

Regardless if you’re living in a region with extreme temperature changes, these doors won’t warm and can also be easily painted if you want. As for the cost, they can be purchased anywhere from two hundred and up to twenty five hundred dollars per door. By going with a fiberglass door though, your ROI compared to a steel door is only 65%.

With Character

In case you’re the type who goes for style, warmth and character, then getting wood doors is a no brainer. Wood doors have a natural beauty and can easily look great with the majority of properties.

However, if you do like wood doors, expect to pay anywhere between four hundred and up to four thousand dollars per door. The most common types of wood include clear fir, mahogany, cherry and oak, but depending on where you get them from, exotic options may be available. In case you’re someone who care about the environment though, it’s best to get these doors from a manufacturer that has an FSC certification.

But while wood doors are undoubtedly one of the most stylish choices you can consider, they do require frequent maintenance, especially if you live in areas with lots of sun and/or humidity. As a result, you’ll need to factor in the cost of touching up your doors every 2-3 years.

Hi tech

Entry doors can be purchased separately, yet most of the times they come as door systems which mean they include all the required cutouts for deadbolts and latches, hinge mortises and framework. Also, finished entryway systems may be sixteen feet in width and have the same height as well.

And if you want, the doors can be all glass, solid and everything in between with an unlimited selection of art glass and grills. Therefore, if you want something unusual, then expect the price for your doors to significantly increase.

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Simply Tough!

Last but not least, depending on where you live, you need to make sure that the doors you get are able to withstand high winds, but also the impact of objects that can be carried by the wind. For instance, laminated construction with fiberglass mesh that’s sandwiched between plywood layers is going to ensure that rails and wood styles will not fail on impact. To add strength, steel rods should also be embedded in the frame.

And while some manufacturers may mention the fact that their doors are impact resistant, make sure that the doors meet the standards set by the AAMA for resistance to impact. If they lack this certification, then it’s time to move on and look for purchasing doors from a different manufacturer.