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What Every Homebuyer Should Know

What’s Better, Wood or Vinyl Replacement Window?

In the article below we’re going to take a closer look at the 2 leading types of replacement window installation in Chicago market today, including vinyl and wood replacement windows in order to help you learn more about them and decide on the type that best suits your needs. No matter if it’s about adding value to your property, updating your decor or improving energy efficiency, there are many benefits to replacing your old windows. When we’re going to compare the 2 types of windows, we’re going to talk about the window’s bones, not the locks, handles, grilles and so on. But first, we’re going to give you can overview of each type and only then proceed with comparing them.

Vinyl windows

Home Buyers Digest Vinyl WindowVinyl windows are made from poly vinyl chloride which is a plastic material that was developed in the seventies as a way to compete against the costlier wood windows. Even though they are quite young on the market, PVC windows are now sold in the same number or even better than wood windows. While initially people were able to easily identify between vinyl windows and wooden windows, these days, thanks to the advancements in technology, doing so is a bit more difficult.

In terms of price and durability, vinyl windows are almost fifty percent cheaper than wood windows and they can last for more than two decades. Since they feature insulation in the frame, vinyl windows are very energy efficient and can greatly reduce your energy bill. But even though they have so many benefits, it seems that wood windows still remain one of the best choices you can consider today. But why is that?

Wood Windows

Home Buyers Figest Wood WindowsWood windows are by far the most popular and best windows you can get and there are many companies these days that offer aluminum cladded or composite exteriors. Not only are wood windows energy efficient, durable and beautiful, but given the wood interior you can easily use them in order to greatly improve your home’s aesthetics. Better yet, you can get these windows in as many designs and colors as you want since there are plenty of companies these days, such as Andersen for instance, that offer super custom wood windows.

But what will interest you more though is the fact that these windows have a warranty of up to five decades which is also transferable from one owner to another. This means that if you plan on selling them to your in-laws for instance, the warranty won’t be voided. Thanks to the exterior cladding and the natural strength of wood, you won’t have to worry about contortion due to cold and hot temperatures or weather damage. On the other hand, if you plan on getting wood windows that aren’t cladded on the exterior, you have to repaint them once every few years.

In terms of energy efficiency, wood windows are superior to vinyl windows and thanks to the availability of Fibrex exteriors from manufacturers such as Andersen, they require almost the same level of maintenance as vinyl windows. Yet with all these advantages, there certainly needs to be a catch and that catch is the price. Wood windows are definitely pricier compared to their vinyl counterparts and that’s because they have many benefits and are costlier to manufacture.

What type of window should I get?

When it comes to choosing the right windows for your needs, it all boils down to what you’re looking for. For instance, if your budget is low, then vinyl windows are a no brainer. If you want your windows to add resale value to your home, look beautiful and last for a long time, wood windows are your best choice.

Keep in mind that cladded exteriors refers to what’s covering the exterior of the window. If you get wood windows, then the part that’s exposed to the elements will be wrapped with a special material meant to protect the window.

A lot of window manufacturers use aluminum cladding since it causes less problems due to the exact aluminum conducts cold or heat. Composite claddings are the best, since they’re maintenance free and don’t conduct cold or heat.

If you heard about Andersen Windows, then you should know they came up with a type of composite called Fibrex which is currently the very best protection used for windows and it’s definitely recommended to anyone who cares about quality, longevity and durability.

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